Earn In-game Currency and Rewards by These 3 Ways in Star Girl


Well, like all other casual based games in Star Girl also players are provided two main types of in-game currency. Therefore, earning both of them in good amount is essential for the gamers to make a deal with Star Girl properly.  There are numerous ways present by which they easily become able to get a good amount of currency in the game. Players of Star Girl need to know that they easily get currency by applying the cheats as well as hack option in it.

But the main thing which they need to know is that by these two options, their interest in playing is not remaining anymore. So, instead of earning currency by these two methods, they have to make use of the fair methods to grab sufficient amount of currency. Below are main methods by which they earn currency in the game in good amount and all users of Star Girl should know about these ways –

  • Players can simply earn coins and diamonds in the game also with lots of rewards and crucial outfits they want in it by connecting the game with their Facebook account.
  • Not only is this, gamers of Star Girl get a sufficient amount of currency in it by watching more numbers of ads and also by completing more events, objectives, and challenges in the game.
  • They also get a large amount of currency in both forms by buying them from the in-app purchases feature using their real-life money.

So, these are the best and top-class simple ways to earn both coins as well as diamonds in it. If you have a good amount of in-game currency in the game, then playing the game becomes easier for them.


Apart from all the ways which are mentioned above, if you want currency and rewards quickly and without playing the game, then Star Girl cheats, and the hack is the best option for you to make a deal with.