A Comprehensive Guide to Darkness Rises


Darkness Rises is the game that is recently launched by NEXON Company. Its size is almost 86 MB, and it comes under the category of role-playing game. There are various types of powerful and classic heroes available to choose and play according to your choice. The game also provides its users with in-app purchases. Darkness Rises includes various types of essential elements in it which makes the game more interesting and attractive.

Some of the essential elements in the game are given below and about which all users must know –

  • Heroes and monsters
  • Characters
  • Classes
  • Modes and In-game currency
  • Events and objectives

These are some most common elements in the game. One should know and understand all basic things properly about Darkness Rises. It helps the users to play the game without getting problems in between easily.

In-game currency

Darkness Rises contain various types of in-game currency which play an essential role in it. The in-game currency is almost used in every single activity. So, the users need to earn in-game currency in good amount to play the game properly and easily. Given below are some types of in-game currency and about which all users must know –

  • Diamonds
  • Gold

These are the main currency of the game which is earned completing and winning all the matches in Darkness Rises also you can to get with Darkness Rises Hack.

Select the best hero

It refers to the unique and powerful heroes who are present in the game. Users need to compare al the heroes with each other and then choose the best among all in order to play the game easily and defeat their enemies quickly. A high-class hero can provide you with more powers and skills which easily defeat the enemies and in quick time.

There are different types of heroes available with their different powers, skills, and abilities. Users need to equip the best hero to go far in Darkness Rises. The best hero you choose to play the game the easier it becomes for you to defeat the monsters.